What should you expect from us?  Communication, Accountability, and Transparency determine how effectively we reach our goals with you. 



Effective communication delivers information early, accurately, and insightfully.  Lead Equity Group is built with these three specific ideas in mind.  Early means ownership has time to digest and consider options thoughtfully and clearly.  Accurately means ownership trusts the information to be true.  Insightful means ownership receives value-add ideas and rich context to produce a greater understanding of the assets, markets, and processes. 



We believe in sharing the credit and accepting the blame.  Our job is to look in the mirror when things are not going well and make adjustments to achieve maximum results.  With authority comes the responsibility to our clients to achieve the highest results which our organization takes seriously.




If you can’t see or understand what we are doing, then we aren't doing our job very well.  Managing assets is about empowering our partners and clients to see everything we do and how we do it so they can make better decisions.  Transparency in an open culture of vision and growth makes us better and our investment partners able to make better decisions. 

Our Core Values


 Think & Act Like Owners

We believe in capturing and winning each opportunity and each moment.  Thinking like an owner is about executing at a high level from the little details to the big picture. 


Invest & Build Others

People matter.  Our culture is about making our employees, stakeholders, vendors, and others better with every engagement each day. 


Learning to Get Better

Our culture is built around continuously growing and improving so we can deliver superior performance in the marketplace for our investors and partners.

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